“As an Entrepreneur, you need to understand both the metrics that are reported in your business’s Balance Sheets and how they relate to each other in terms of your financial performance. You also need to understand how analyzing these numbers can help indicate the overall financial standing of your business.”

                       Cherise Castle | CMA Certified


Crunching the Number$ for Profit$ is a Business Finance Training Centre aimed at teaching Entrepreneurs to know their numbers, understand them, and prepare their own financials.

We have specialists in all areas of Cost, Managerial, and Financial Accounting.

However, our team is focused on helping startup entrepreneurs master their own Bookkeeping. We have experienced Business Advisors who provide quality training in Record-Keeping, Bookkeeping, and Business Advisory to micro and small business clients.

We know that by offering our services, along with our comprehensive training services in these areas, we can set your startup on a path to profitability, growth, and sustainability. Our team can develop a customized plan to help you remain compliant!. 






You can count on us to add value to your business, keep you compliant, provide analytics, measure KPIs and give you strategic solutions towards an end goal of success. We can help you get your business aligned around your financial targets



We tell the truth! After all, numbers don’t lie, so we don’t have to. We crunch your numbers and show you real figures and we tell you the truth about what they say about your business’s financial position. We then provide strategic solutions for improvement



We understand the impact of numbers and so we don’t get carried away on anything else. Business Management demands a clear understanding and access to timely and accurate financial information. We help you understand your numbers and present them with ease.



You found a firm that can do so much for you. You deserve this! You deserve to have your numbers work for you because numbers empower you! Seize the opportunity and work with us to create a sustainable operational framework for your business.