Many Entrepreneurs are not aware that it is a requirement by the law to maintain accurate books and records for their businesses.

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The Purpose of Financial Statements is to Communicate!





Whether you’re just now starting your business and having trouble getting around the books, or you have lots of responsibilities that keep you from getting everything done, we can help by simplifying your bookkeeping tasks so it won’t take up too much time. Learn to keep accurate and proper records so that you stay compliant.

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If you’re having trouble keeping up with industry updates and you need to stay informed, we can help! Or if you simply desire to brush up on your skills, stay up-to-date or even learn something new, we are here for you! We can also assist with job placements for Bookkeepers and Junior Accountants within our client network.

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Feeling lost at school or frustrated trying to absorb all the financial details of Accounting? Refresh your knowledge, get practical revision, and gain a better overview of financial statements and Accounting. Whether you need a little help preparing for exams with past paper revision or simply keeping up with classes, 

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About Us

We are specialists in all areas of Cost, Managerial, and Financial Accounting. However, our team is focused on helping startup entrepreneurs master their own bookkeeping. We have experienced business advisors who provide quality training in record-keeping, bookkeeping, and business advisory to micro and small business clients. We know that by offering our services, along with our comprehensive training programmes in these areas, we can set your startup on a path to profitability, growth, and sustainability. Our team can develop a customized plan to help you remain compliant!. 

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You found a firm that can do so much for you. You deserve this! You deserve to have your numbers work for you because numbers empower you! Seize the opportunity and work with us to create a sustainable operational framework for your business.


We tell the truth! After all, numbers don’t lie, so we don’t have to. We crunch your numbers and show you real figures and we tell you the truth about what they say about your business’s financial position. We then provide strategic solutions for improvement.

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You can count on us to add value to your business, keep you compliant, provide analytics, measure KPIs and give you strategic solutions towards an end goal of success. We can help you get your business aligned around your financial targets.

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We understand the impact of numbers and so we don’t get carried away on anything else. Business Management demands a clear understanding and access to timely and accurate financial information. We help you understand your numbers and present them with ease.

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Do you need help with your new startup? Do you need to know if you can meet your startup’s financial needs before spending? We can help! We perform our Comprehensive Startup Cost Analysis on your figures and report on the feasibility of your new venture.



Are you applying for a loan and not too sure what to prepare or what is expected of you? Our Loan Preparation Program can set you up for your Loan Application interview. Exuberate confidence and clarity with our comprehensive process. For serious entrepreneurs only!



Need financials for a business opportunity you can’t miss out on? Or maybe Cashflows for the bank? Maybe you need a Financial Report done or a Proposal. Rest assured, there is someone on our team who can work with your figures. Let us know how we can help.


Our Mission

We are committed to providing absolute first-class service to each and every one of our clients. We have continued to grow while staying true to our original mission — to help you increase your profits.

We help you distinguish profitable transactions, from non-profitable ones before the transaction is even made. When you are able to see your numbers, you will be able to make better financial decisions – whether it be buying, selling, or investing.

We work endlessly to hone skills, continuously striving for growth, and making every transaction worthwhile financially.

Our commitment to making your business a profitable one means that we’ll always give you our best.



The consequences for not keeping proper financial records and having an ineffective accounting system could impact your entire business, and result in loss of money.

At Crunching the Number$ for Profit$, we understand that you need to be able to access and assess the financial position of your business at any given time so that you can not only effectively measure any ROIs, but stay compliant as well.

We are committed to helping you achieve profitability and growth through systems that would help you understand the principles of record-keeping and bookkeeping with ease. No one knows your business better than you do! All the more reason to save big when you can do your own books!

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“If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.”
~ Marcus Lemonis